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Metal Life Album Review: SOULFLY – Archangel


Archangel is Soulfly’s tenth release, and features a far different sound from what fans have come to expect from these metal titans. As Max Cavalera has described it, Archangel posses a more extotic sound, with varying riffs, different lyrical content, and unique arrangements than usual, but still features the vicious vocal work and neck snapping drum work we have come to know and love. However, the album as a whole took some getting used to for me.

The first track, We Sold Our Souls To Metal, comes off rather “Dethklok-ish” thanks largely in part to the guitar work, but the next three tracks make up for rather “off” start to the album. Then we hit Live Life Hard! that features high end growling vocals that seem rather out of place and subsequently throw the album flow off. But the rest of the release is pretty spot on; heavy, thick riffs, solid bass work, and vocals full of raw power that overcomes the few awkward moments that are present.

When I got over what I expected the album to sound like, things made more sense and I eventually found myself enjoying the ride. While not “Savages,” in all its succinct vicious glory, Archangel has a vibe and feel all unto itself. Definitely worth a listen, just with an open mind.


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