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Metal Life Album Review: ORDEN OGAN – Ravenhead


I have been following ORDEN OGAN since their 2004 demo “Testimonium A.D” and I have been impressed with the band’s progress. They play a fairly common form of European power metal with a twist. They infuse riffs that you don’t typically find in “generic” power metal. Vocally, they are playing familiar power metal that will appeal to fans of the genre. ORDEN OGAN’s songwriting skills have continued to improve and on this latest release, Ravenhead, the band have created their best music to date.

The band stated that this time around, the whole band participated in the writing process and it shows. Tracks like F.E.V.E.R and Deaf Among the Blind stand out as songs that power metal fans might expect. Huge anthem-like choruses and complex guitar work make the songs come alive. I defy you to listen to F.E.V.E.R without getting “false believer” stuck in your head. 😉

However, unlike a lot of other power metal bands, each song does not sound like the last. I feel that a lot of  power metal bands make that mistake. ORDEN OGAN manage to make each song a unique entity while maintaining their signature. It is the guitar work and bass lines that make this album excel. Melodic and rhythmic, but not to the point of repetitiveness. Evil Lies In Every Man is a good example of this.

As with most power metal albums, there are some ballads. A Reason to Give and Too Soon are both emotional and give the album a balance. Even the ballads have interesting guitar work that adds to the emotion of the songs.

Guest singers on the album are HAMMERFALL’s Joacim Cans (who contributed vocals for “Sorrow Is Your Tale” and GRAVE DIGGER’s Chris Boltendahl who can be heard on “Here At The End Of The World”.

If you are not usually a fan of power metal, I would still recommend checking this out because ORDEN OGAN have created a balance of trad metal and power metal while putting their own stamp on the sound. Ravenhead is fun to listen to and is one of those albums that each time you listen to it, something new catches your ear that you missed the previous time.

Rating: 8/10

Here is the video for F.E.V.E.R:



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