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Metal Life Album Review: ORCHID – Sign Of The Witch


The Bay Area’s infamous bell bottom-clad quartet of musical vagabonds is at it again. Orchid fans will break out in jubilee as the rhythm-and-rock band approach their 10th year anniversary, preceded by the release of Sign of the Witch. Though the ratio of tracks to band members is exactly 1:1, fans of Orchid will undoubtedly cycle the EP over and over. It is a mesmerizing piece of music that slowly parts from sludgy stereotypes, moving ever onward to modern renditions of psychedelia & blues a-la Black Sabbath & Jimi Hendrix.

Rather than vying for heavy stoner distortion, Orchid opts for warm acoustics all around throughout these 18 minutes of sylvan bluesy pleasure. The earthy tones of “Strange Winds” stirs up a mysticism that is very reminiscent of Jim Morrison and conjures a peculiar gentleness not unlike the feeling of listening to Pink Floyd. “John the Tiger” is more playful in its melodic progressions, especially on Mark’s guitar improvisations; nevertheless the song never loses touch with the down-to-earth nature of the album. The self-titled track is the highlight of the EP and is just as much toe-tapping, head-shaking fun as when you listened to “Capricorn” for the first time. Sign of the Witch is an organic and vivacious piece of art that ordinary music fans will enjoy grooving too; no blunts or flower headbands required!

Rating: 8/10



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