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Metal Life Album Review: NIGHTWISH – Endless Forms Most Beautiful


Awash with beautiful emotion, dramatic scores, deeply moving lyrics, and a wonderful variety in song structure, Endless Forms Most Beautiful is yet another amazing release by Finnish metalers Nightwish. No two songs are alike, yet they all pull together gloriously to provide a seamless flow that makes this release a true work of musical art.

Floor’s vocal work ranges from light and lilting to deep and soulful, and really puts a different twist to Nightwish’s overall sound, giving it new life and a new direction. Haunting orchestral movements, riveting rhythms, and celestial choir voices are the hallmark of any Nightwish album, but Endless Forms showcases these staples in a brighter light. From beginning to end, this release is a true work of craftsmanship.

While all the songs to speak volumes, I would say a few stand out tracks could be Elan, Our Decades In The Sun, and The Eyes Of Sharbat Gula. While others may question if Nightwish should still be considered “metal” there is simply no question in the hearts and minds of their fans that this band has been, and will always be, metal. I whole heartily recommend that Endless Forms Most Beautiful should be your next music purchase for old and new fans alike.

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