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Metal Life Album Review: NAPALM DEATH – Apex Predator Easy Meat


Whoever said heavy metal cannot evolve simply because we have reached the end of a finite audial spectrum may just not be ready for the brilliance that is Napalm Death’s newest release Apex Predator – Easy Meat. The heavily worshipped harbingers of all thing grind make a triumphant return following the great success of Utilitarian, packing in past triumphs with unseen surprises that ambush the ears at a moment’s notice. Don’t be fooled by the moody introduction track, because “Smash a Single Digit” and “Metaphorically Screw You” are hiding in the bushes waiting to attack the listener with a demented massacre of melody that emanates innovation, risk, and danger. The band also invents songs with foundations in a garage-daze hardcore vibe; though it may be a break from the band’s signature grind style, songs emanating the NY hardcore days like “How The Years Condemn” and “Hierarchies” never go soft. Not to mention that the latter has a singing outro that was the last thing I thought I would find on a ND album yet the first thing I remembered in writing a review about it. Even though the band’s grind speciality is as always super-charged from start to finish, the truth behind experimental variations is apparent and succeeds whenever it rears its ugly head in “One-Eyed.”

I cannot help but equate the changes being made in Napalm Death’s writing style to the transformations that made Carcass one of my favorite death metal bands today. Apex Predator is bound to make “easy meat” out of its listeners, as they will be subject to a sonic slaughter of thrash, hardcore, and grindcore all while reveling in the blood-soaked aesthetic that is one of the most revered metal bands in the world today.

Rating: 4.5/5

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