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Metal Life Album Review: KHOLD – Til Endes


Norwegian black metal outfit Khold has released their sixth album Til Endes, a work nearly six years in the making that’s worth every penny for fans of Satyricon and Kvelertak. Though maintaining their natural primitive power from masterful releases like Masterpiss of Pain, Til Endes is decidedly more lighthearted with forest-stomping rock n’ roll grooves in songs like “Skogens uye” and title track “Til Endes.”

It is a relatively simple and consistent album; with the exception of the outburst of excitement in “Dommens Arme,” the album maintains a steadfast groove that holds only a couple small surprises: a few classic Emperor riffs and a couple of unexpectedly crushing bass lines reinvigorate the sometimes monotonous pulse of the album. Folk metal fans will appreciate the first track “Myr,” which sounds like a Finntroll Blodsvept B-side track. Consistency in an album is always better than not knowing where the hell this album intends to go, but I felt as though there were a few places where this album could have been taken to the next level.

Rating: 3/5

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