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Metal Life Album Review: GHOULGOTHA – The Deathmass Cloak


On January 13, 2015, Dark Descent Records will release the debut full-length from San Diego-based death metal band GHOULGOTHA. Produced by Damian Herring (HORRENDOUS) at Subterranean Watchtower Studio, this album features W. Sarantopoulos (AKA Elektrokutioner – also of DECREPITAPH, FATHER BEFOULED, ENCOFFINATION, WOODEN STAKE, FESTERED, SCAREMAKER, and more)  and drummer C. Koryn (ASCENDED DEAD) .

Since Metal Life is based in San Diego as well, I had to review this to support our local scene.

GHOULGOTHA have created a complex mixture of doom and death metal which incorporates various speed and tempo changes that kept me interested throughout the album. The technical aspects of the album are well written and executed. Sometimes, the tempo changes seem a bit much and if you are trying to headbang to this album, you may look like there something wrong with you. 😉

‘Arteries Unblest’ and ‘Levitate Within The Curse’ stand out as examples of what GHOULGOTHA is trying to accomplish. Each track stands on its own without sounding like a repetitive drone which I have noticed seems to be a trap some bands in this genre fall into. I don’t hear anything unique on this album or groundbreaking, but GHOULGOTHA have taken a lot of familiar elements and rearranged them. It is like a conductor took an orchestra and decided shuffled the music sheets and dealt them out instead of handing the correct music to each section. Despite the chaos that should have created, The Deathmass Cloak works. Somehow, this disjointed album works.

GHOULGOTHA is not for everyone, that is sure. But if you are looking for something intelligent and a little different from the crowd, The Deathmass Cloak may be the release for you. Whatever you do, do not decide to skip this release based on what you think of one song…

Rating: 8/10



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