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Metal Life Album Review: ENSLAVED – In Times


Sticking to their genre, Enslaved are back with the dark, dismal, deep black metal prog. In Times is an adventure to behold, even if the diverse album is only six songs long, each song is over eight minutes long and it seems to draw you into its void and pull you into another realm entirely. Song length isn’t an issue in this album. Winding through the intricate maze moods and melodies makes the album seem full, but not overdone. The opening track “Thurisaz Dreaming” immediately grabs you by the throat to pull you into its grim black metal elements. Herbrand Larsen, the bands’ keyboardist, begins clean singing three minutes in, and instantly makes you wonder if this is what Opeth would sound like had they had gone a darker route (black metal instead of death). The chants that resonate throughout the song and even the album make the album seem more airy and foreboding. This is also very noticeable in “Thousand Years of Rain.”

Halfway through the adventure, I felt progressively more aware of the different elements that have been infused into this album. A mix of cleans and growls carry the songs sometimes in tandem. Other times the songs, such as “In Times”will go from simple and groovy and then suddenly pull you under to its depths allowing you to go to the surface periodically to catch your breath. At the end of the album, “Daylight” has rhe kind of soul searching melodies and solos that seem appropriate to end the album.

The album delves into many different emotions throughout and it is as deep and diverse as it is heavy and dark. Enslaved are at the top of their game, and are definitely sticking to what they know best.

Rating: 4.5/5

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