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Metal Life Album Review: DIESEL KING – Concrete Burial


I have a hard time getting into genres like sludge or hardcore. Sometimes I feel like the music is way too slow and droning, and prevents me from really getting into the music. There have been a few exceptions, and Diesel King is one of them.
Hailing from the UK, they have released their debut album Concrete Burial. Sludge soaked death metal with just the right amount of groove and heaviness. The opening track “Brainhammer” bludgeons you and drags you down into the depths of the album from the get go. The best songs like “Concrete Burial,” and “Horror. Disgust.” pick up at the beginning, pulling you into the hardcore groove whirlwind. They then slow down into the sludge pit to hit you hard with Mark O’Regan’s growling vocals. The song “Prone To Destroy” is probably the heaviest song. The guitars, and especially the bass ring throughout and keep the heaviness in the air until the last minute of the song. The hardcore elements then kick in unexpectedly, and end in a sweet breakdown.
When the album is over, after its short runtime of around twenty-eight minutes, I felt compelled to hit the replay button again and again. This is a band that knows how to make heavy music, getting to the point and showing that their songs can carry themselves without being too lengthy. I would recommend this to anyone looking to get into this type of genre. Diesel King brings the punishment and does it very well.

Rating: 3.5/5.0

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