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Meet The Band: INFINITAS – folk metal from Switzerland

Meet The Band: INFINITAS – folk metal from Switzerland

These five Swiss Metal individualists hail from the picturesque Muotathal. In 2009 the initiators founded their extraordinary band INFINITAS. The first concerts were followed by new songs. In 2015, they debuted with the 3-track EP “Self-Destruction”.

Following that, the intentionally willful and stylistically open, yet very organic, style developed relatively quickly: melodically catchy FOLK HEAVY METAL with functionally guided Thrash Metal attacks.

The conceptual work “CIVITAS INTERITUS” dances courageously out of line. The formation shows its abilities with this lively debut album on an audibly more mature and stable level.

And the completely unpredictable mixture of the quintet is not only full of agile surprises, but INFINITAS also make the whole thing appear as from a single cast!

The fact that various memories of the British Folk Metal pioneers Skyclad gets awakened, serves descriptive above all as a useful genre guide.

“CIVITAS INTERITUS” was published on May 5th, 2017.

01. The Die Is Cast 03:01
02. Alastor 05:41
03. Samael 04:04
04. Labartu 08:24
05. Aku Aku 05:04
06. Skylla 05:43
07. Rudra 04:36
08. Morrigan 06:38
09. Amon 08:28
10. A New Hope 13:42

total: 65.21 min

The striking, concise and extremely powerful voice of frontwoman Andrea sings the compositions with all dedication. And, with her solid vocal repertoire, she also shows herself extremely changeable and multifaceted.

The complexly arranged, elaborately staged interplay of guitar, violin, bass and drums cooperates in an ingenious way.

By means of equally present strings, the Swiss give their songs a charming and finely decorating folklore color. Laura brings with her e-recorder additional, playful-dreaming nuances.


Andrea Böll – Vocals, Percussion
Laura Kalchofner – e-Recorder, Background Vocals
Pauli Betschart – Bass, Background Vocals
Pirmin Betschart – Drums, Vocals, Percussion, Clarinette
Selv Martone – Guitar, Virtual Instruments




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