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Meet The Band: EUFOBIA, melodic thrash death metal from Bulgaria

Meet The Band: Eufobia, melodic thrash death metal from Bulgaria


The memorable name of this Bulgarian MELODIC THRASH DEATH METAL band is of ancient Greek origin and literally means “fear of good”.

EUFOBIA was founded 2003 and has retained the same lineup since. The emphasized independent, intense sound of EUFOBIA is structured and full of variety. Even in the abysmal, manic emotional passages, every song can stand completely for itself.

So far EUFOBIA have performed live more than 180 times and shared the stage with well known acts such as Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquillity, Rotting Christ, Kreator, Vader, Immolation, Onslaught, Malevolent Creation, Pyogenesis, Gorgoroth, Sinister, Broken Hope, Dragonforce, Eluveitie, Keep Of Kalessin, E-force, Negura Bunget, Suicidal Angels, as well as with many fellow underground ones.

The musically and lyrically hard biting genre-hopefuls from the city of Sofia published their newest music video for the song “Graveyard”:

“Graveyard” is taken out of their third, self-titled album “Eufobia”, which has been published in November 2016.

For more videos, check out the band’s Youtube page: https://www.youtube.com/user/YouEufobiaTube

EUFOBIA are currently working on their fourth album which is expected to be released early 2018.


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