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MALEVOLENT CREATION New Album “Dead Man’s Path” Out Now


The album is available on CD, ltd. CD Digipak (incl. woven patch and 2 re-recorded songs of the Stillborn album), LP (plus poster and the CD of the Digipak version) as well as digital download/stream.


Get it at CM Distro in the physical format of your choice or check your local record store or download/streaming platform:






Limited “LP+Shirt” and “CD+shirt” bundles can be bought at EMP. And Nuclear Blast Europe is offering a limited LP version in green vinyl. Some copies are still available!

For the collectors, here is the exact vinyl color split:

Black vinyl: unlimited

Clear vinyl: limited to 100 copies – exclusively offered at CM Distro Europe (SOLD OUT)

Transparent-green vinyl: Limited to 200 copies – exclusively offered at Nuclear Blast Europe

Transparent-red vinyl: Limited to 500 copies – exclusively offered through RED (US distribution) *

Orange vinyl: Limited to 200 copies – exclusively offered at CM Distro US *

* not on picture


Don’t forget to check out the lyric video to “Blood Of The Fallen”:



German audiences can find it at:



Dead Man’s Path tracklist:

  1. Dead Man’s Path
  2. Soul Razer
  3. Imperium (Kill Force Rising)
  4. Corporate Weaponry
  5. Blood Of The Fallen
  6. Resistance Is Victory
  7. 12th Prophecy
  8. Extinction Personified
  9. Fragmental Sanity
  10. Face Your Fear
  11. Carnivorous Misgivings *
  12. Dominated Resurgency *

* (Bonus tracks of the Digipak and the CD included in the LP, re-recorded songs from the Stillborn album)



Bret Hoffmann – vocals

Phil Fasciana – guitars

Gio Geraca – guitars

Jason Blachowicz – bass

Justin DiPinto – drums

MALEVOLENT CREATION Discography (studio albums only):

The Ten Commandments (1991)

Retribution (1992)

Stillborn (1993)

Eternal (1995)

In Cold Blood (1997)

The Fine Art Of Murder (1998)

Envenomed (2000)

The Will To Kill (2002)

Warkult (2004)

Doomsday X (2007)

Invidious Dominion (2010)

Dead Man’s Path (2015)




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