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SnagFilms is a free streaming social video platform that offers thousands of award-winning movies from independent filmmakers. The new social video experience will be officially released to the public early this summer on SnagFilms.com before rolling out to all mobile devices.

This new social discovery features custom profiles for all SnagFilms members. Each profile will allow members to become an official film aficionado among their friends by simply posting reviews of films they love. Other members of the community can then find any film recommendations provided by trusted friends or critics, receive personalized recommendations based on previous movie preferences, and easily find great movies selected by the SnagFilms editorial team.

SnagFilms will connect you with other fans in ways that are extremely social, well-curated, and personalized for each user.

To register for the ever growing 

SnagFilms community  

please visit: http://new.snagfilms.com

and don’t forget to please let us know what you think!

About SnagFilms

Co-founded in 2008 by Ted Leonsis and Rick Allen, SnagFilms is a premier, ad-supported, social video-viewing platform offering lovers an extensive library of free movies on demand. The platform features world class discovery tools empowering members to discover, watch, and recommend a wide range of professional online video content. The SnagFilms viewing experience is available everywhere, enabling audiences to watch professional, award-winning video, including 110,000 affiliate sites and its sector-leading applications on mobile, set-top box, and home entertainment devices.

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