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MAEL MORDHA Announce New Vocalist


A New Era Dawns… We are pleased to announce that the new singer of Mael Mordha is Stíofán De Roiste, whom many of you will know from his work with Celtachor, Olde and Laochra. Stíofán has been a friend of the band for a long time and is a talented singer and multi-instrumentalist who will bring his own unique skills to the live show and new recordings.

This marks the beginning of the next phase for Mael Mordha, as with renewed energy and passions we will return to the stage and get down to writing and recording the next album. The first live appearance for the new lineup will be at the Siege of Limerick, we hope to see you there to welcome Stíofán to the band and raise the roof for Gaelic Doom!





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