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LOUDGUNS Sign To Rock It Up Records


Finland’s very own Loudguns continues to stand loud ‘n’ proud for as they have just signed a record deal with Rock It Up Records/City Of Lights Records from Germany. “This is a great way to start our new year, it’s a dream come true. We’ve been offered all kinds of deals throughout the past 4 years but finally we found something we can rely on. It’s really heartwarming to know that there are actually still labels out there who cares about the form of art, which is music and we are truly honored to work with this label.” – Sami Pilve.

“Rock It Up Records/City Of Lights Records will release our second album Sunset runaway on CD during the spring. We can’t tell you the exact dates yet but keep following and we’ll let everyone know asap.” – Sami Pilve.

Sunset Runaway teaser:







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