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Los Angeles: An Insanely Haunted City

Photo credit left: flickr/fatalblades right: flickr/deadbydawn

What could be more metal than wandering around a haunted hospital filled with ghosts and vengeful spirits? The Linda Vista Hospital is so haunted that it was closed down in 1991. Recently re-opened as senior housing, it is still scaring patients and staff alike. So much so, there are some corridors and rooms which are no-go zones. Dare you go?

Los Angeles might be synonymous with glitz and glamour, but it has its fair share of the grim, the scary, and the gory. Homes of murderers mix with the homes of A-List Hollywood movie stars of the horror genre. You can see both the Wonderland murders house and Bela Lugosi’s apartment. However, perhaps one of the most hauntingly beautiful places is Boris Karloff’s Rose Garden which is filled with the ashes of his long departed friends.

This is just the start. There’s Hitchcock’s grave in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery and the Hollywood Wax Museum where you cannot tell ghost from exhibit. Dare you try all 13 of the most insanely haunted places in Los Angeles?


[Editor’s Note: Contribution from: Jenny Holt, Freelance Writer]

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