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Lindsay Hearts Announces Heavy Metal Fashion Line


Lindsay Hearts, custom clothing designer to musicians, is ready to launch her Rock & Roll and Heavy Metal inspired clothing line with crowdfunding website Kickstarter, beginning February  2nd 2015.

After years of working with her favorite artists, Lindsay Hearts is ready to make some of her signature designs available to the public with a ready to wear clothing line inspired by her favorite music. With the help from pledges collected through Kickstarter, she plans to start the manufacturing for the line in the USA, specifically Downtown Los Angeles.

From the donation pledges collected through her Kickstarter campaign, Lindsay Hearts is offering many exclusive rewards, including the chance to be one of the first to get one of her sought after leather jackets that have never been made available to the public before..

“Ever since I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with music and personal style. My favorite pieces to make have always been leather jackets – they instantly transform your look and energy the second you slip one on. I am so excited to make this dream a reality while creating jobs in America and maintaining the integrity of my vision.”

Lindsay Hearts Kickstarter campaign runs for 40 days and ends on March 14th 2015. You can check out the campaign and video interview with her here:




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