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Kepler’s Dream- An Unforgetable Story Of Courage And Second Chances In A World Struggling With Both

Speaking of second chances. Sean Flanery stars as Walt, an absent father who can’t handle the responsibilities of being a parent or a husband and it nearly it nearly costs him everything.


Kepler’s Dream stars Isabella Blake-Thomas as Ella, an 11 year old girl struggling with staying positive in her own little world that consists of a mother who’s battling cancer and a father who has skipped out, leaving Ella to rely on her love of books and a handful of friends to help make sense of it all.

When Ella’s mom Amy (Kelly Lynch) needs to undergo an extremely aggressive round of chemotherapy,  Ella is sent to live with her father’s wealthy grandmother Violet (Holland Taylor) in New Mexico, a place she’s never been, to live with a person she’s never met, for the summer, until Amy’s treatment is completed. Violet, with her rich friends and over the top rules of etiquette couldn’t be more different than Ella but over time they find themselves on common ground with their love of books, including a rare first edition of Kepler’s Dream which Ella’s grandfather bought Violet decades ago. The book is stolen from the home with the number one suspect being the lone ranch hand working at the estate, Miguel (Steven Michael Quesada.) Through Ella’s determination to clear Miguel’s name, she learns about her father’s troubled past, which sheds new light on their relationship and ultimately helps to bring everyone closer.

Beautifully shot and boasting an extremely talented cast, Kepler’s Dream is a movie that is not only entertaining, but invites discussion and offers opportunities to learn about different cultures, traditions, and the positives of thinking outside the box. The storyline is inventive, relatable, and flows well throughout the movie with few plot holes to mull over. It’s a solid family movie thast doesn’t disappoint.

Official Trailer can be seen here




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