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Jonny Hetherington, of ART OF DYING, Launches Hot Sauce Company


Jonny Hetherington, best known as the lead singer for Art of Dying, has created a line of hot sauces with all-natural ingredients – no preservatives, additives, thickeners or binders! And with ingredients you can actually pronounce!

With any new company, launch in expensive. With this in mind, in order to get his company off the ground, Jonny has created a crowdfunding campaign: http://bit.ly/JonnyHetherington. The campaign is essentially a pre-order campaign; an opportunity to be one of the first to try his sauces and/or give a gift of Habanero to that ‘spicy’ person in your life.

Jonny has also created a few private chef packages and will bring his guitar to play a little music at the end of the night! What a fun gift idea!


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