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Jeff Kendrick of DevilDriver Announces New Venture


ARMI®, Australia’s first and only heavy metal music training facility has announced All Axess founder and original DevilDriver guitarist Jeff Kendrick as the latest instructor to join their ever-expanding team. Jeff will be giving weekly online guitar lessons on a permanent basis via the company’s latest venture, ARMI® Online.

Players of all abilities from around the world will have the chance to interact and learn various techniques and songs every week from one of the world’s most prominent metal guitarists live online. Jeff will personally speak with each student prior to commencing their lessons so that a tailored made lesson plan can be developed to help students to reach their full guitar playing potential.

The introduction of ARMI® Online opens up a huge window of opportunity for music teachers and students alike. Consistent with the company’s mission to “make dreams come true,” ARMI® Online will feature private, up close and personal lessons with popular musicians from around the world, connecting fan and artist like never before.

ARMI® is an evolution in music education, providing innovative teaching techniques and services from some of Australia’s and the world’s most respected musicians. In the past two years alone the company has been involved in the delivery of several major Australian Master Class tours from world renowned guitarists, including Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen, Guthrie Govan and Devin Townsend and has even bigger plans in the works for 2015.



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