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Jagex Announces New Strategic Shooter Block N Load


Jagex Games Studio is excited to confirm a new online multiplayer shooter, in which brains are as important as bullets. Block N Load combines first-person action with strategic construction that sees teams competing to build defensive and offensive emplacements, before tunnelling, leaping and charging into the enemy’s base.



  • NO GAME THE SAME: An ever-evolving game world throughout every match, as players shoot and build towards enemy positions and victory


  • CHARACTER VARIETY: Maverick heroes offer a robust mix of roles for full combat, defensive and supportive team strategies


  • FAST-PACED YET STRATEGIC: Every game has a blend of intelligent and creative tactics fused with strategic shooter action


  • BE A MASTER OF CONSTRUCTION: Creative use of the build phase in-game can result in deadly and devious constructions able to tear down any enemy plan



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