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IRON KOBRA New Album Details Revealed


Seeing IRON KOBRA live is an experience that throws you back to the times when Heavy Metal was still handmade, raw and wild – to times when IRON MAIDEN, MANOWAR and RUNNING WILD stood on the brink to great. Two and a half years after the release of DUNGEON MASTERS, the venomous serpent strikes again with its second attack MIGHT & MAGIC via Dying Victims Productions.

Release dates:
CD and MC – March 5th 2015
LP – approx. May/ June 2015

upcoming live events:

03/26/15 Krefeld w/ Night Demon

04/11/15 Kuttenfest, Dresden w/Mentors, Iron Thor and more

05/02/15 Gera w/ Serpent

09/26/15 Harder than Steel Festival, Dittigheim w/ Iron Angel, Ironsword, Metal Inquisitor and Scanner



Tracklisting for IRON KOBRA’s Might & Magic

1. Words of Wisdom
2. Tomb of the Stygian King
3. Fire!
4. Vanguard of Doom
5. Watch the Skies
6. Spirit Archer
7. Wut im Bauch
8. Born to Play on 10
9. Cult of the Snake



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