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Introducing Epiphone’s Premier Pickups


In 2014, Epiphone celebrated its 141st anniversary as the world’s #1 maker of professional and affordable instruments. And though today’s Epiphone reaches more fans around the globe than even founder Epi Stathopoulo himself could have imagined possible, at its core the “House of Stathopoulo” is not so different than it was in the 1930s. Back then, Epi transformed his family business into one of the great instrument companies of his era and put Epiphone on the same path it’s on today, innovating with the same adventurous spirit.

Today, Epiphone gives its fans–both pros and pros at heart–not only beautifully crafted instruments but also incredible sounding instruments with pickups that match or rival any of the boutique manufactures. If you just think of Epiphone as “affordable” or a “classic name,” get ready for a big surprise when you fire up an Epiphone Les Paul, Wilshire, or Casino and compare it to vintage models that cost ten times as much.

In 2014, Epiphone introduced three incredible new pickups, the ProBucker™, the single coil P-90 PRO™ and the CeramicPlus™ that for the first the time have made the sound of hand-made boutique pickups affordable to everyone. Whether you’re looking for a classic tone or something new, Epiphone’s new line of premier pickups can take you there.

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