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Interview With WGN’s Outsiders Star Ryan Hurst

Ryan Hurst as “Little Foster” image via thewrap.com

With so many acting credits to his name, Ryan Hurst has certainly put his time in as an actor. His most recent role as “Little Foster” on  WGN’s Outsiders has brought him from out of the shadows of his former Sons Of Anarchy Character Opie, and into the light of a new character that allows us a to see a whole new side to Ryan’s acting skills. I was lucky enough to chat with Ryan briefly about the upcoming season and how his character has evolved since the we first met Little Foster.


ML: Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us Ryan!

RH: Yeah sure! My pleasure.

ML: So obviously we are gearing up for the new season of Outsiders, can you give the fans a little bit about what they can expect, obviously without any spoilers?

RH: Darker, weirder, with a lot more action, and we sort of explore the mythos of Shey Mountain, and all of the clans that live on the mountain, you know, because the Ferrells aren’t alone up there so to speak.

ML: How has your role as Little Foster expanded since things are a little bit different for him now.

RH: You know during the first season Little Foster was sort of a shallow character living in his father’s shadow looking for love. The second season he’s actually isolated himself from the family quite a bit and it’s sort of who he is now (an isolated person.)  He is also figuring out who he wants to be as a  person and a man.

ML: Throughout Season Two you’re growing more into the role, expanding on it. Do you see more of yourself reflected in your character?

RH: Yeah I always try to find something I can identify with in every role, and over the years you have to be able to bridge the gap between you and your character, especially one that is very, very different from you.

ML: What attracted you to the role?

RH: The material is just so out of this world. You have a very mythical, sort of fantastical story line of magic beings running around, and then you have someone who has an Oxycodone addiction so it’s a very grounded story line but still fantastical at the same time. You don’t usually find those two working together at the same time,  and then you also have David Morse who was there from the beginning. He’s one of my all time favorite actors, for as long as I can remember, so when I heard he was a part of this show I started very dramatically going after it.

ML: With the current story line, where would you like to see Little Foster’s role go?

RH: You mean in the up coming season?

ML: Yes, since we’re all quite sure (due to the show’s popularity) that there will be a third season.

RH: Right (laughs) there are certain things I can’t tell you because it’d be a spoiler, but there will be a grab for power up on the mountain. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, so there’s conflict within and outside of the family, and Little Foster has a bit of a deficit in it, or doesn’t “have a horse in the race” since he’s been away from the mountain so long.

ML: Perfect! Alright that’s all I have for you Ryan. Thank you again for your time!

RH: Sure, no problem!


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