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Interview with Phil Sgrosso of Poison Headache



Whoever said there’s no originality in metal anymore clearly hasn’t given themselves the proper dosage of San Diego’s experts in the art of extreme: Poison Headache.  Andy Kutka (Internal Affairs), Kyle Rosa (Thieves and Liars), and Phil Sgrosso (Wovenwar, As I Lay Dying) have just introduced the metal masses to two massively volatile tracks from their upcoming debut and self-titled album: “Conspirator” and “Sin Eater.”  And so far these tracks have garnered the band much attention both of old and young metalheads alike.  They bridge the gap between old and new: from good ol’ fashioned riffin-and-grindin to high-tech production that polishes the band’s creative touches (that a-la-Inquisition bridge in Sin Eater, am I right?!).PH2

Writer Karila Shannis sat down for an introductory phone interview with Phil, discussing the growth of San Diego’s metal scene, and why “Sin Eater” might be the metal song of the year in 2016.



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