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Metal Life Magazine Exclusive Interview with Emily Lazar of SEPTEMBER MOURNING

Interview with Emily Lazar of SEPTEMBER MOURNING
By: Eva Jarkiewicz
Date: Aug, 2012

September Mourning - smoke

Photo by: DW Kim
Model: Emily Lazar

Eva from Metal Life Magazine had the chance to catch up with September [Emily Lazar] of September Mourning to discuss September Mourning, music, comics and so much more.

September and I first crossed paths at the Top Cow: We Create… Innovation panel at San Diego Comic Con. You might find this a strange place to cross paths with a musician, but as you read on you will learn that September is much more than just a musician and the location of our first meeting makes perfect sense. It’s just surprising it didn’t happen a year earlier.

1. Metal Life Magazine: Jumping right in… I noticed that you actually reached out to Marc Silvestri [of Top Cow Productions] on MySpace, so tell me about that.

Emily Lazar: Well I had this idea about 4 1/2 years ago, I had just gotten out of a record deal thing that I was doing and I wasn’t happy with the record business being like what it was. ‘I’ve got to do something different because CD sales are dropping like flies, nobody is making money. How can I do this so I can actually have a career, support myself, live and be able to do my art.’ I love comics, I’ve always loved comics, characters, theatre and theatricality. It just kind of came to me one day as I was reading Death Note or something like that. It just pretty much came to me, the whole concept behind doing a project that was wrapped around the storyline, around a character in the storyline, not just a band. A musical entity with all these different offshoots, a multi-platform, multi-dimensional, storyline project. It’s not just a band. It’s not just a comic book. It’s not just a video game and it’s not just a movie. It’s everything feeds into the story! So the story is what holds everything together.

2. Metal Life Magazine: So you have a video game and a movie in mind too?

Emily Lazar: Well, I have a lot of things in mind, so you never know what will happen. But you know there are different platforms. If you start with a good story, you can bring it into any platform you want. You just have to have a strong story.

For example, Harry Potter, great story! They’ve merchandised the crap out of that. They made it into this and this and this, they went everywhere with it because it’s a strong story.

The reason I reached out to Marc, is one, he has a history of creating characters, strong women in his comic books that are taken seriously and they’re bad ass. And two, his story lines are always super tight. Everything he has ever put his name on is super tight. It’s legit! I love his whole demeanor.

So I approached him and I was like, look I have this crazy project that I want to do. I had been signed twice before, and I’d been in music for awhile. I wanted to do something that’s going to be my crown jewel, this is going to be what is going to do it. So I brought this concept to him and a couple weeks later he was on a plane to New York to have dinner with me to talk about everything. It was a six hour meal and we talked about EVERYTHING that we could do with this. He was really pumped and excited. He called me a week later, ‘I want to do this! Let’s freaking do this!’ So that was about 3 1/2 almost 4 years ago when that happened.

Then about 3 years ago I started the musical side of it. To kind of catch up, because we had to figure out the story line. We had to figure out how we wanted to put it together. We did that, then about three years ago I started writing songs. Getting a band together and then we started playing out. Then we got the Marilyn Manson tour. We toured with The Birthday Massacre, Dommin and I Am Ghost, RATT. We opened for all those people and we are going on tour with Gemini Syndrome off of Warner Bros. now, and Dead Rabbitts, which is Craig Mabbitts from Escape the Fate’s band, also Get Scared, and Rob the Cartel. We might be going to Europe in October, crossing our fingers with that one. If we get the right amount of sponsorship and endorsement, then that will be a bigger tour for us. We have a lot going on musically. I have just been trying to wrap that around the story line that Marc and I have created.

We have a CD, Melancholia, the one that you got, we released that in Europe. We had the songs sitting around for two years, we wanted to release them. We recorded them, we self produced it. Then we mixed it with Dave Ogilvie, Nine Inch Nails, Skinny Puppy, Manson guy. Mixed and mastered it with him up in Vancouver and put it out through RepoRecords in Germany. Which was the first label that Birthday Massacre was on and a bunch of other bands. We went ahead and released it through them and its been doing really well. We’ve gotten some hype and a lot of press over in Europe, so tell all your European friends, they will probably like it.

3. Metal Life Magazine: Well I know Melancholia was hard for me to get over here.

Emily Lazar: Yeah, it’s because it’s an import. We haven’t released anything in the states yet album wise. We’ve been waiting because we want our first album in the states to really hit hard. I want it to be our best material. We did release on iTunes a single called Before the Fall, which is the result of the TNA Hard Core Justice video.

That was super fun. I actually got an email today about that because they are going to use the footage and the song, because they got such an overwhelming response on the song and on the footage that we gave them.

4. Metal Life Magazine: It was an awesome video!

Emily Lazar: Thank you! The full video is going to be even more amazing. It’s going to be crazy. But they have gotten such a great response, they haven’t seen a response like that before, they are putting it all on their DVD that they’re selling you know for the pay-per-view so we are going to be all over that too. So that’s pretty cool. I’m pretty stoked on that. It’s really good. That came to be, they heard our music, they wanted to license a song I wrote. I wanted to write something that kind of went in that world a little bit but kind of stayed in our story line. So we came up with Before the Fall, which if you listen to the lyrics, it’s a really interesting song. In what it speaks of, it’s basically about not letting your past eat you alive or the people in your past eating you alive. It has a message behind it.

5. Metal Life Magazine: How much of your lyrics came from you specifically and how much are the story line you and Marc are crafting?

Emily Lazar: The funny thing about the story line is, although it has a fantasy element to it, it’s a Reaper, she takes souls and put souls into other people’s bodies. She’s a fictional character, but although it’s that, it’s very very very much based on me. On how I am, what I have been through in life. This character is very much me. The things, the trials and tribulations that she comes up against are all things that I have come up against in my life. That I’ve had to deal with. Whether it is anything from abuse, to like… there are just so many, I’ve been through a lot of crap in my life. I have a very wide platform to write from. In that respect, this story is my story, but it is told through a fantasy, fictional element. Which makes it magical, and makes it something that people can jump into, relate to and apply to their own world. I think everybody wants a second chance at life, and my character provides that. She provides that second chance, or a second chance at making things right. We all do something and we’re like… damn-it why did I do that? Or why didn’t I do that? Why didn’t I take that chance? Or why didn’t I just kiss him? We all have those moments, you know. Her story is all about the redemption of those moments. And what happens if you are given that chance to take that back. What happens to everything around you because of it. So it’s a really interesting concept.

6. Metal Life Magazine: I know that hearing about it at San Diego Comic Con, seeing what you guys shared at Comic Con, I had to find out more about who this person is, what this music is about and what this project is about, because it did seem magical right then. There was a power behind it.

Emily Lazar: For me … I did a little bit of pop when I was younger, I’ve done a lot of different kinds of music. For me it not just about, well it’s about the music of course, but it’s about the message behind it. And for me, it’s easy for me to attract attention. But once you attract that attention it’s all about what you have to say. So it’s all about the follow through of what you have to say and the message you have to bring.

7. Metal Life Magazine: It’s more than just that though. You’re genuine. Marc said it about you in the interview I did with him, when I met you it was that feeling. This isn’t somebody that is just putting on act.

Emily Lazar: Well Marc knows me really well, we’ve spent years together now. We’ve literally gotten to know each other really well. He’s like family. He know this will work because he knows I am genuine because he knows everything about me. So basically he knows all my flaws, he knows all my weaknesses, he knows all my strengths. And he knows that’s translated into this project. And I think people can smell that. They can really tell if you’re real. They can tell if it is put upon and they can tell if it is real. And you know, all of what I do is all me.

8. Metal Life Magazine: As a kid did you always want to be a musician or did you have other visions?

Emily Lazar: Actually I didn’t. I wanted to be a ballet dancer. I studied ballet. I first stepped on stage when I was four years old. I got into ballet because I had flat feet and my mom was like ‘We have to put you in dance class because it’s going to mess up your spine. blah blah blah’ and I got in there and I loved it! I have a very strong work ethic. I’m really driven, on anything that I find that I love, I am very driven on. People, things, careers, everything! So I’m very intense.

That’s how I was when I first started dancing too. I was the kid that was there four hours before class doing Pilates and warm ups before I even got to the bar and did a plié. I was the over achiever sort of person and my dad is very much an over achiever too. So that’s how it started.

I got into a performing arts school and I learned about music, theatre, art, painting, and I learned all these other things that surrounded dance. I didn’t really think about them as a career choice, I thought, ‘Oh I’m going to be a ballet dancer. And this is how it’s going to happen’ because I was talented in that direction. And then I went into a company, joined a ballet company. Danced for a little while. Fell down a marble staircase on my way to the gym. Cracked my elbow. Because I was really thin back then, I’m thin now, but I was REALLY thin then. I was super thin back then, because ballet you’re really thin, and your working out, like 10 hours a day. So I just shattered my elbow, shattered it. And I remember sitting on the steps going… that’s the end of that career! At 16 1/2, that’s the end of my career. I worked my whole life for this, what the hell am I going to do now? It was this cloud of darkness just settled on me and I was just stuck in it for awhile. I just didn’t know what to do. What the next move was.

I moved to New York. Lived back and forth with my grand parents, started working in clubs really early. Out of the blue a record guy found me working the door at a club and asked me if I wanted to come by label and sing for him because he thought I was really cute. I went down there, and I sang. They were like ‘holy shit, she has talent, she can sing, she can move, she can dance’ and they signed me on the spot. Because I didn’t know what I was going to do with my life, that was my first ‘ok this is what I am going to do.’

After that happened, I went through a couple of deals. It didn’t really quite work out for one reason or another, and it wasn’t really the music I wanted to do. It was being written for me and I didn’t want anything written for me. I wanted to write it myself. I wanted to have my own voice. Then I thought of this idea, and I met Marc and here I am.

That’s my life in a capsule.

9. Metal Life Magazine: Fate and history rolled into one.

Emily Lazar: Yeah basically yeah. It’s funny, my dad always says ‘if you want to hear god laugh, tell him your plans.’ And it’s true, because my whole life I always thought, ‘this is what I am going to do at this age. This is what I am going to do at that age. And it just never works out that way. I never thought I would be a musician. I thought I was going to be a dancer. The way I move on stage, when you see a show, you’ll know. That’s the way I take in an audience. That’s the way I present myself. The theatricality!

September Mourning - roses

Photo by: DW Kim
Model: Emily Lazar
Stylist: Emily Hunter Salveson

Emily Lazar: I white wash myself before I go on stage and all the makeup and this and that, all came from a ballet background. Swan Lake, we always had to white wash ourselves before we put on a tutu. So I knew how to do all that stuff and I just apply it to my character because she is the undead. So she has to look unreal. To have that happen on stage, when you are right there in front of somebody, you have to transport them to another place. For me, I always like to go see bands, that you know, had something visually stimulating. Something like fantasy elements, with a little bit of comic book element, something that leaves people with beyond what was going in the room right now. Take me somewhere else.

10. Metal Life Magazine: So what other bands do you enjoy?

Emily Lazar: There’s a lot, oh Nightwish, I love Nightwish, great band. Love that band! I talk about them every freaking interview I do. We want to tour with them. They’re definitely aware of us now. They’re great people too. Very much on the same kick as we are. They get it, the theatricality of it. They want to keep that very much in it. They’re a great band.

You know the oldies are good too, Alice Cooper, KISS. Even Slayer had a little bit of this weird theatricality that’s so very metal. They were in t-shirts and jeans, but raining blood, they had blood coming down on stage, they did some crazy stuff. You know like Rammstein, I’m not a big fan of the music but the theatricality of it is very cool. There’s a lot of bands out there that have something, that bring more to the table.

I like the bands like Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson, that actually take it to a level that makes sense in the whole picture. The disconnect for me between a band, the music and what they look like is really a big thing. I hate when that happens, because it doesn’t make sense.

11. Metal Life Magazine: Look at how long KISS has been able to be around.

Emily Lazar: Cause everything makes sense. Everything molds into the same sort of package. And it’s really tight. And it’s really concise. When you see something of KISS you’re never gonna mistake that for anything else.

12. Metal Life Magazine: Have you seen the KISS comic book being done by IDW … Chris Ryall and Tom Waltz are alternating writing duties on it and doing a great job. It’s a little bit of mystical and fantasy in it.

Emily Lazar: I haven’t seen it yet. They had a comic way back when. They’ve always been really ahead of the curve. KISS is a band that I’ve always looked at as a template. Them, Bowie and even Madonna to a certain degree, as a template of how to coalesce this band. How to put it altogether into one secure package and really make it work business-wise. Gene Simmons is the god of doing all that stuff. I was at KISS mini-golf in Vegas, I saw the vision. It’s amazing, you have to go. It’s all black light. It’s really cool.

13. Metal Life Magazine: So you’ve got the music. You’ve obviously got the theatrical from an early age, and if I’ve read correctly you are now doing something with a clothing line, or a fashion line?

Emily Lazar: Yes, actually. I’m glad you brought that up. Yeah me and my friend, Luna Lovebad. I’m not even kidding, she’s great. She’s very theatrical herself, we’re kindred spirits. She’s basically like the sister I never had. I love her, she’s amazing. She’s into Hip Hop and I’m into Rock, but the one thing we have together, that we share, like kindred spirits, is fashion. What we like, what we don’t like, what we think is cool and stuff like that. She also does my extensions in my hair and stuff.

So one day we’re sitting there talking, ‘I want something to wear, where can we go shopping. We should just make our own t-shirts.’ And we were like, ‘Yeah, why not’ and so we got together. We put together some designs and we came up with whole kind of concept around t-shirts because if we do a clothing line, and we start with t-shirts I want it to be more than that. I want it to be a movement. I don’t like doing things that are very surface level. I’m not really that type of person, as a person in general. She was like, ‘that makes sense, so what are you thinking?” I was like, I want it to be a self-empowerment movement. For women that have made themselves who they are from ground one. People that haven’t been spoon fed things, they actually empowered themselves, made themselves. Self-empowered clothing for self-empowered people. And we came up with the name Bitchmade because there is this great saying “I’m Tough, Ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a b*tch, okay” And the thing about Bitchmade is that the term “bitch” always gets a bad stereo type, but for us it’s an empowerment thing. You call me bitch, but you know what, I’m empowered. I’m self-sustained, I like who I am. So that’s what it became. It became this tongue-in-cheek clothing line title. So our t-shirts is what we have, we are going to branch out into shoes, and other stuff too, but we started with this. We’ve got an awesome investor that totally sees our vision and gets what we want to do. He’s funding it, and we’re just doing it. And it’s great, I love her, and she’s awesome and super creative and we just feed off each other really well. That’s dropping in the next couple weeks. We’ll have the t-shirts up online for sale. We made a little video, if you go to bitchmadela.com you can check out the video. It’s basically, ‘what is Bitchmade?’ because people are like ‘what is this thing?’ We’re like ok, we’re gonna make a video about what this is since you are all asking. So we did that and people love it. They’re like, this is cool!

14. Metal Life Magazine: . And it’s not like you guys don’t have a model already.

Emily Lazar: You know the funny thing about it is that, I don’t really want to model it. I don’t really want to be one of the models. We are going to start with three of our friends, that are high profile, people kind of know them and recognize them. We’re going to start with them modeling the shirts and do a shoot and storyboard with them. We want to be the creative directors, we don’t want to be the models. We did the little video so that people got our personality, knew why we were doing this, knew it was from us, and we’re going to do little update videos like that every once and again. But we want the clothing, and the style and the determination behind it, the self-made awareness behind to all be a reflection of the customer, because that’s what this is about. It’s about self-made people. So we’re going to do some sort of contests coming up and apply it to some of the ways we advertise. It’s all about you guys. It’s not about us. It’s all about you guys, and that’s what Bitchmade is all about.

15. Metal Life Magazine: And that’s totally the attitude we get from Top Cow as far as the Kickstarter they just did.

Emily Lazar: Right and September Mourning has been all about the fans since day one. We couldn’t be doing any of the stuff that we were doing if we didn’t have fans for it. I have some amazing fans. I have fans that send me things. I have a full piece of art, painting with a beautiful silver frame, he painted me, one of my photos, and he painted it from a blank canvas he used the photo as a model, he painted it and sent it to me. It’s hanging in my house. It’s beautiful, it’s me, so it’s like whatever. But he’s a really good painter so it looked really good. There’s something to be said about stuff like that, about people that will take the time to do something like that for you. We are super lucky to have that and the TNA Video exploding like it did, it’s all about the fans. We have no control over that. We’re just trying to put a message out there, trying to put art out there that’s real.

16. Metal Life Magazine: That’s why your fans are reacting, it is real. You don’t make it all about you.

Emily Lazar: Well it’s my creative force, and everybody that listens to our music is part of our world. You guys are building it with us, it’s very much your world as well as ours.

Marc saw that vision from the get go. Top Cow and Image started because of the fact that Marc is a rebel with a cause, you know, he’s a mother fucker. Marc is awesome. He is like what I want to be in the music industry in the comic industry. He’s that guy that’s drawing for a company, and they weren’t giving him credit, they weren’t giving him money. All his friend’s weren’t getting credit or money. And he’s like you know what, fuck you guys, we are going to go and we’re going to start our own thing. Do it with our characters and do it the way we need to do it! And they did it!

For us, September Mourning, we are doing it the way we want to. With our characters, with our band members, our tours. We don’t have management right now. We don’t have a label. We have our fans and that’s all we need right now.

We had a management company working with us in the beginning, and then they kind of fell apart and dissolved. I literally had to pick up the pieces, get the album out, do it all myself. We had the label RePo in Germany, but it was basically a licensing deal on an album. It wasn’t like they were our mother label. So it’s basically us doing it. We would definitely love to have a label on board, but only if they see the vision and know where we want to go with it. We don’t want to be put into a box.

17. Metal Life Magazine: If you’re put in a box you’re not gonna be like Top Cow. You have to be able to think outside the box.

Emily Lazar: Exactly! I’ll sit down at lunch with Marc sometimes and throw out this bizarre idea and he’ll just look at me at first with like [a contemplative look]… and then it will be like… oh ok. And it’s never, yeah whatever. It’s always, we can do that. It’s like he gets it. I could have like a monkey flying out of my asshole [laughing] and he would be I understand that. OK maybe not that far, but he gets it. He understands my creative level. He understands where he has to push me and where he has to just let the reigns go so I can just run. That’s what I love about Marc.

18. Metal Life Magazine: That will make for a very good partnership with you guys, obviously you have been partnering on this project for awhile.

Emily Lazar: Definitely, I seriously think probably that Marc is one of the few people I respect on this planet. To the point of super respect. There are like a couple of dudes in the industries that I am in and out of that I respect, and he’s one of them. Straight up, he’s an amazing person, just like through and through. I love Marc, he’s great.

19. Metal Life Magazine: Between the two of you, him giving all the compliments about you during his interview, you giving all the compliments about him now, people are going to think this was a set up you know.

Emily Lazar: It’s not though, that’s the funny thing. The funny thing about Marc and I, we’re cut from the same cloth personality-wise. So when we met, it was this instant, how the hell have you not been by my side for the past how many years of my life, where have you been hiding. Why has it taken this long to meet you. On a business level and on a creative level we are just super tight like that. I know that a lot of the things that I do spark ideas for him and I know that a lot of the things that he does sparks ideas for me. So it’s a good feeding of each others creative soul.

20. Metal Life Magazine: Moving on from that, you’ve been into comics for, well nobody has said how long, other than September Mourning because we haven’t seen that comic yet, your favorite comic characters?

Emily Lazar: I have a thing for Death Note, I don’t know if you’ve read it, you need to read that. The thing about that anime is just the story line alone is so awesome, the fact that you could write somebody’s name in a book and then they drop dead like 30 seconds later is such a great idea. I have so many people that I could write in a book like that right now, you have no idea.

That whole concept, whoever thought of it, that’s like something I would totally think of and that’s why I think I liked it so much. It’s like post-its, why didn’t I think of post-its. It’s like Death Note, why didn’t I think of Death Note. I just loved it, I was kind of hooked on that 6-7 years ago, and that got me into anime.

I’ve always been a fan of Batman, and all of the Batman movies. Like the original ones, the hokey ones that Tim Burton did. I remember we were doing some pre-pro on the album with Chris Vrenna, this is two years ago, we’re sitting in the studio going through A Place to Call Your Own, going through the guitar. He has a TV monitor in the corner of his room, all of a sudden the Batman movie from 1960 or whatever it was, it was like forever ago, the really hokey one, you know, somedays you just can’t get rid of a bomb. Comes up on the screen, and I’m like STOP! And he’s like, ‘what’s wrong?’ I’m like, we’ve got to take a break! We sat there and watched the entire movie, we didn’t even play. I just have to watch this movie. I haven’t seen this movie in such a long time.

21. Metal Life Magazine: You have that in common with Marc, because he said Batman is his favorite character.

Emily Lazar: Marc has an amazing drawing he did of Batman sitting in the chair, with the bats and it’s SO AWESOME! I’m like wow, and he has it hanging in his hallway. Every time I am at his house I will look at it and go, yeah he’s pretty good at this drawing thing…

And when the newest one came out with Batman and Catwoman, I was thinking OMG I am going to hate her as Catwoman. But she was really good actually. But the whole darkness surrounding the newer movies, going from the 1960s version which I probably saw for the first time maybe 7-8 years ago, to this version now that’s so dark and cerebral and psychological and fulfilling in that sort of purpose is just amazing. For me the character of Batman and who he is at his core I can so relate to that. I think we can all relate to that.

I have this philosophy that everybody is two people, we all have our dual personalities. I’m not saying we’re all psychopaths. The whole world is made up of dualities. Everything has an up to a down and a down to an up. Light to a dark, whatever to whatever. There is always dualities in the world. To just lay it out like that in such an awesome psychological way, that story so well sculpted. That’s why it’s one of my favorites.

September Mourning - Duality

Photo by: DW Kim
Model: Emily Lazar, September Mourning

The Darkness, that Marc did, The Darkness comic, when that hit, and then getting to know Marc, wait a minute. His whole personality, the way he formed that person, I get it. And that’s what draws me into comics, when there’s something deeper. And that’s why I like Death Note, yeah it’s cool it’s a book, he writes their name in and they drop dead, but beyond that it’s all psychological warfare in that book. I’m very much on that whole psychological warfare thing, I think that’s what to me, makes things really interesting, when it’s all up here. It’s really cool on the outside, and the cool characters, Batman throwing the thing and blowing things up that’s cool. But when you get down to the nitty gritty of it and you know there is something behind it, that’s like a time bomb ticking, that’s what gives you the suspense to keep reading something and keeping going forward with it.

22. Metal Life Magazine: I think that was what I liked about Think Tank, that Matt (Hawkins) just came out with. It wasn’t dumbed down but it wasn’t so over people’s heads that you couldn’t get into it and enjoy it. I’m dying to read the next issue, because it was cerebral.

Emily Lazar: Matt is a thinker. Matt is like my dad, Matt seriously reminds me of my dad’s personality so much so sometimes that it’s scary. Sometimes he will say shit to me and I’ll be like really? your my dad, it’s weird, that’s what my dad would say. It’s not like, that’s what my dad would say, it’s more that my dad thinks just the way you do. He’s a thinker, and he’s very logical. Everything is straight across the board logical. Yeah Matt’s very much on that level. So I was waiting for him to bring something to the table that would really grab me and I think this is what he’s done. He’s good and he’s very good at nuances. I’m excited for him. I know he’s been looking for something to sink his teeth into.

23. Metal Life Magazine: If you had one thing you wanted to say to either fans of Comic Books, fans of metal or even your fans, what would it be?

Emily Lazar: I just want to thank them for being who they are and supporting it. I mean we can’t do anything without their support. As an artist, you are pretty much in the hands of the fans, in the hands of the people that embrace your art. So for us, it means they are the most important people in our lives. Everything we do is for them basically. We’re creating something for them. A world for them to be in. I don’t think I can express how much that means to us to have their support. It’s amazing. That’s what I would like to say.

24. Metal Life Magazine: Is there anything else you can think of…

Emily Lazar: We can talk a little about this MTV thing we are doing. We’re doing this thing with MTVGeek, those guys are amazing. Big shout out to those guys for being so supportive and seeing my vision and seeing Marc’s vision and seeing it all come together. We’re doing a live action webisode series of the comic. So basically, they had a big thing about it last year at Comic Con. Then we were kind of quiet on it this year because we hadn’t gotten all the legal stuff situated, which takes forever with big companies. Anyway, besides that we are now in the stages where we will find out when we are filming and stuff like that. Hopefully we will be filming in October before we go to Europe. So we are pretty stoked on that. And pretty excited on doing it. It will be live action of the comic book story like with some CGI and it will be like this weird, animated / live action / CGI sort of like weird fantasy live action of the comic. So it will be like Batman is for the big screen but on a smaller screen.

25. Metal Life Magazine: September Mourning the next Batman.

Emily Lazar: Dude that would be awesome!

It’s funny I have already gone through a couple of phases with the character, of what she’s going to look like, what she’s going to wear. So we’ve been going through all these phases with her. Kind of at the point that we’ve got her now. What she’s going to look like. Who she is. It takes a little while to sculpt her but now she’s there. People at MTV are really excited. We’re excited to work with them. It’s going to be fun.

26. Metal Life Magazine: So you have MTV, you have the comic with Top Cow, TNA for Spike TV, the clothing line, the band, I’ve run out of fingers on this hand, so what else do you have going on?

Emily Lazar: I mean the touring we’re doing, we are going out on the road. We go out for two weeks starting September 4th through the 16th with Gemini Syndrome which is signed to Warner Bros. And then we go out the 25th through the 29th with Dead Rabbitts, which is Craig Mabbitts of Escape the Fate’s side project, with Get Scared and Rob the Cartel. And then later in October we’re going to Europe with a band, I am not going to say yet, it’s good though. You’ll like it, you’ll really like it. They’re good. I just don’t want to jinx it, although we do have the booking, it’s getting us over there. We’re looking for support. It will be a really good tour for us.

27. Metal Life Magazine: Since I know you have to get to the studio I think we better wrap this up. I will be looking forward to seeing more of September Mourning and the various projects you have shared with us. Better yet, hopefully will be able to catch one of your shows in the coming weeks. Thank you for taking the time to talk with me today.

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