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India based metal band THE CHRONIC LEGION reveal new album details


New Delhi based Experimental outfit The Chronic Legion have unleashed the artworks for their upcoming self titled album and have revealed the tracklist as well! The album promises to be a fusion of Modern Metal and Old School elements complimented with Indian Traditional Folk music such as Classical/ Carnatic Music that goes parallel; thus bridging the gap between these two genres of music.

The band’s bassist Sahil Bajaj says, “The album and the artworks are inspired by the moral degradation of the society. The elements used in the artworks are based on the issues which the mother earth has to face in this generation. Both the artists, Ishaan & Naveen did an incredible job.”  The album has various Indian and International collaborations such as Keshav Dhar (SKYHARBOR); Sitarist Rishabh Seen; Tabla player Karan Chitra among various other collaborations that are bound to be announced in the coming weeks!

Album artworks are done by Disaster Ink’s Naveen Ajay Kumar and Ishaan Gogoi.



* Intro

* Hour of greed

* Corruption

* Decade of war

* Pollution

* Drugs

* Maya



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