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ILDJARN: Reissue classic albums


Cult black metal pioneer ILDJARN has announced the re-release of the three classic albums ‘ILDJARN’ (1995), ‘Strength and Anger’ (1996) and ‘Forest Poetry’ (1996). The new editions of these critically acclaimed full-lengths will contain  will be released on September 3rd in North America via Season of Mist.

The re-issues of ‘ILDJARN’, ‘Strength and Anger’, and ‘Forest Poetry’ will be available on jewel-case CDs, and limited-edition gatefold Lps. All formats and exclusive bundle packs can be pre-ordered at the Season of Mist E-shop. These reissues are already available digitally on iTunes and all legal download or streaming platforms.

Widely considered a staple of the early 90’s black metal scene in Norway, ILDJARN mastermind Vidar Våer trailblazed the underground through his dedication to uncompromising recording ethics and a penchant for the raw, viceral and primitive elements of the genre in it’s early incarnations.

Updated ILDJARN news will be made available at the Season of Mist website.

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