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Iced Earth’s Latest Release Incorruptible Is A Blistering, Soul Shaking Listening Experience That Holds Nothing Back

Set, we’ve missed you. Artwork by David Newman-Stump and Roy Young

Jon and company have released an epic album that is everything a metal head could ever want in a release. From the opening track “Great Heathen Army,” to the closing piece “Clear The Way,” each song is a living entity reflecting pain, tragedy, love, and unity conveyed through tracks that stay with you long after the last note fades off of track 10. The riffs are brutal yet melodic, the lyrics and themes are incredibly deep and evocative with the bass and drums framing this musical Armageddon like blackened fine art, not to mention the production value which is incredible. In truth, it’s difficult to call any track “stand out” since the whole album is a masterpiece, but Back Flag, Raven Wing, and Ghost Dance seem to really be resonating with fans, for good reason. Who doesn’t love tales of Pirates, Heathens, and spirit stirring Native American tributes?? The album is the epitome of well crafted forward moving metal that shows a glorious evolution in Iced Earth’s work while keeping a firm grip on their roots. I’d give Incorruptible a solid 9 out of 10; it’s a solid, well crafted album that many are calling one of Iced Earth’s best releases to date, and I can’t argue with that brilliant logic.

Incorruptible can be found right here

Iced Earth is Jon Schaffer, Stu Block, Brent Smedley, Luke Appleton, and new kid on the block Jake Dreyer

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