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Ibanez Reveals New Steve Vai Signature Model Guitars


The list of guitarists who can continually fill theaters around the world playing only instrumental music is a very short list indeed these days. Not only does Steve continue to fill halls—he’s been doing it for so long now that he’s cultivated a whole new generation of fans, eager to soak up his magic. His wide ranging effect on guitarists, guitar playing, and the instrument itself is legendary. And as the guitar builder whose had the privilege to collaborate with one of most mesmerizing musicians of our time: we’re proud to introduce three new Steve Vai signature models for 2015.




This blue floral pattern JEM harkens back to a much-remembered early 90s version of the instrument. Offered as a member of the Ibanez Premium line, this JEM also serves to remind us of Steve’s preference for Maple fretboards in that chapter of his career.




Also new to the Premium line is this new version of the 7-string that started it all—the Universe. Right down its disappearing pyramid inlays, this guitar is pure distilled Vai.




Did you know the JEM is one of the most counterfeited guitars in the world? Sadly, we’ve heard too many stories from naïve guitar shoppers who thought they’d found a bargain on the guitar of their dreams, but instead found they were facing a nightmare of shoddy workmanship and inferior quality. This continuous fleecing of Ibanez fans ultimately inspired collaboration between Steve and Ibanez to bring about the most affordable JEM ever built. While the price gives knockoffs something to worry about, it still retains all of the dynamic, animated characteristics of an instrument worthy of the “JEM” name.

“Some guitars are built for performance, some for aesthetic. These instruments are the best of both worlds… and perhaps the universe!” — Steve Vai

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