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IBANEZ GUITARS expands its 7 and 8 string line


The guitar builder known as “The First In Seven, The Leader In Eight” shows no sign of slowing as 2013 adds even more weapons to the 7 and 8-string armory. If there’s a tip to the Ibanez 8-string spear for ’13, it would have to be the new Tosin Abasi Signature Model.

If you’ve been vacationing on Venus for the last couple of years and haven’t heard Abasi along with his amazing trio, Animals As Leaders, Google the man and his band and find out why Steve Vai calls Abasi “the future of creative, heavy virtuoso guitar playing.”


There are also 7 and 8-string models included in our new made-for-metal series Iron Label, as well as j.custom (a j.custom 8???… yes, you read that right!). Plus a high performance extended scale S-Series 8-string that’s priced to make your day…

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