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Ibanez Announces New Joe Satriani JS2450 Signature Model


Influenced by the electrifying colors of the muscle car era, Joe Satriani’s latest signature model sounds as powerful as it looks. Built by the same craftsmen who have made the Ibanez Prestige series the jewel of Japanese luthiery, the JS2450 is everything you’d expect a master like Satch would demand from this instrument. Smooth and curvy, the JS2450’s body is as much about player ergonomics and comfort as it is visual appeal. The specs reflect Joe’s recent preference for a 24 fret instrument. A 3-piece Maple/Bubinga neck, and a fret treatment second to none, make the JS2450 a shredder’s delight. Satch’s signature DiMarzio pickups and push/pull coil tapping and high-pass filter provides an inspiring set of sonic options.


The JS2450 is the second guitar to be born from what might be called Joe’s “Unstoppable Momentum” period (the other is the JS2410). Earlier in 2014 Joe spoke of the impetus of that album: “This is what the record is about… it’s about I’m going to live an artistic life. I’m just going to keep moving forward. There will be wreckage, but I will endure.” Satch fans lucky enough to have caught Joe’s mind-bending guitar work on tour over the past year, may have also caught the JS2450 in action. Something they definitely caught, was Joe’s ever-present creative energy.


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