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Hustler Hollywood Launches #Stopvegetableabuse Campaign


Adult retailer HUSTLER HOLLYWOOD today announced that its stores around the country are launching an aggressive #StopVegetableAbuse campaign. The new campaign consists of a video series which will include three SFW short videos to illustrate the urgency of saving the food made from nature and create awareness of the plethora of sex toys and amenities available in all of the HUSTLER HOLLYWOOD stores.

An accompanying offline campaign has also been created to raise awareness of the campaign, with #StopVegetableAbuse billboards sprouting up in cities across the country. For those who want to become a part of the revolution, exclusive, limited edition T-shirts with #StopVegetableAbuse will be available for purchase at all HUSTLER HOLLYWOOD stores. Stickers and condoms will be given away for a limited time, and exclusive buttons have been created for each of the stores, so those who desire to learn more can be educated by the experienced staff at all HUSTLER HOLLYWOOD stores.

To find out more information about #StopVegetableAbuse campaign, visit hustlerhollywoodstores.com/StopVegetableAbuse.

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