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Huffington Pictures Sins Of Our Youth- A Moving Narrative Of Gun Violence Among Our Youth


You never know where one wrong decision will take you…

To understand gun violence, we need to talk about gun violence, and not just by throwing facts and figures out to people already overwhelmed by violent images and stories from the news. Sometimes it takes a different perspective, a different narrative, to show people the full picture of gun violence and the continuous repercussions of it, and this is it.

When a night of drinking and gun play turns deadly, four teenage friends find themselves at odds with each other on how to handle the situation. Instead of calling the authorities, the teens, terrified by the thought of going to prison, decide to incriminate three of themselves by confessing to the accidental murder via video and then kill each other, but allow the fourth person to claim innocence and be allowed to live. Paranoia sets in as the group starts to fracture with each taking sides. Half of the group wants to live, while the other half wants to continue on with the plan, which leads to a completely avoidable tragedy, and leaves a community to mourn.

Race, religion, income, and home life count for nothing when it comes to gun violence; it can happen anywhere at any time, and the effects are devastating to all involved. Sins Of Our Youth not only tells a story of how gun violence affects those directly involved, but of how it creeps into every day life. It touches on families, on relationships, on hobbies, and on a person’s future. It’s a great film with a smooth story line, great cast, and solid connections between characters that really holds the movie together. Very suspenseful and will keep you guessing until the very end. Highly recommended for those on both sides of the gun control debate, if only to open up dialog.


Sins Of Our Youth

Starring Lucas Till, Joel Courtney, Mitchel Musso

Directed by Gary Entin

Written by Edmund Entin


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