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Horror Movie Hunting Grounds Matches Man Against Sasquatch With Strange Results

Original title and movie poster for Hunting Grounds

So in classic horror movie style, a handful of friends and family members go on a hunting trip and end up in a fight for survival. This one, however, includes very hairy and angry landlords who want these intruders off their property at all costs, with mixed results. I give you, Hunting Grounds.

After the death of his wife, a desperate father and his only child relocate to a small family cabin to start a new life. To take their minds off everything, they decide to blow off some steam by going on a short hunting trip deep in the woods with an old friend and a close family member. Once the group is out and about, strange things and odd noises begin to appear in the shadows of the trees. At nightfall, the group begins to tell stories around the campfire, one of them is the ever popular “Bigfoot” myth, however this time the story proves to be true, and bodies start flying. Whats left of the group scurries back to the cabin, with the Sasquatch in tow. An epic battle rages between man and beast until one is left to go home and one goes on to build a new life. Credits, fade out, end.

While indie movies are always a crap shoot on the level of quality, Hunting Grounds proves to be a bit on the low end. The creatures are pretty damn creepy but the structure of the story line leaves something to be desired. The hunting trip and the interaction between characters was awkward and somewhat forced (we’ve all done better acting when trying to get out of a ticket) and the dialog didn’t really have a flow. The scenery was nice but at times the scenes struggled to make sense. Should we have a real rating system in place (and we probably should get around to that) I would give Hunting Grounds a 5 out of 10.

See the official here

Hunting Grounds

Written and Directed by John Portanova

An Uncork’d Entertainment Film

Starring Bill Oberst Jr, Jason Vail, Miles Joris-Peyrafitte



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