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Italian Hard Rockers HOLLYWOD GROUPIES  are out  with their brand new EP “BITCHCRAFT“, with an exclusive premiere of the track “Helter Jester” here:

As for the band’s “Bitchcraft” EP, drummer Mirko Ferrero shares “Our new EP is a set of hard rock tracks punctuated by powerful and adrenalinic pieces as “Helter Jester” and “Sick Twisted Paradise” or “Get It On” with its extremely engaging chorus and “The Empress”, whose rhythm is dictated by a pressing rhythmic section and scratchy guitars everything accompanied by an incisive and sharp voice. Interesting is the common thread that ties all the pieces: life stories told through a mystical / esoteric key that leaves room for the listener interpretation. That’s recalled in the cover of the EP that brings us back to the theme of the lyrics with tarot, nuts, candles and the famous Ouija board!”

The five guys, over the years, have left the 80s inspired vein to a groups like Hardcore Superstar, Avenged Sevenfold, Rob Zombie, in order to recreate a crude sound with a melodic side that characterized them since the debut album.

Get the album from Bandcamp: http://hollywoodgroupies.bandcamp.com/album/bitchcraft

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