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Historical Fantasy Comic Book Series “Rasputin” Vol 1 Releases July 2015


New York Times bestselling author of novels The Yard and The Devil’s Workshop, Alex Grecian, and the fan-favorite artist of Proof and Cowboy Ninja Viking, Riley Rossmo team up for an all-new twist on the tale of the infamous monk in RASPUTIN, VOL. 1. The first five issues of the series will be collected into trade paperback and available this July.

In one night Rasputin was poisoned, beaten, stabbed, shot in the head, and drowned, then tied up and thrown in a frozen river. But how did he get from Siberia to the Winter Palace? And why did it take so much hard work to kill him? RASPUTIN, VOL. 1 is a supernatural reimagining of the “mad monk.”

RASPUTIN, VOL. 1 (ISBN: 978-1-63215-267-1) hits comic book stores on June 24 and bookstores on July 7, and will be available for $9.99. It can be ordered by retailers from Diamond Book Distributors with Diamond Code APR150546.




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