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HELLISH OUTCAST Premiere New Video


Today, Norwegian extreme meallers Hellish Outcast premiere the new video “Torment” at RadioMetal.comListenable Records sets The track hails from the band’s highly anticipated second album, Stay of Execution, set for North American release on February 3rd, 2015 via Listenable Records. Hailing from Bergen, Norway, Hellish Outcast carve out a metal genre that is usually underrepresented locally. The band has been highlighted as the epitome of brutal finesse, and the sheer aggression and expansive approach to music displayed by the band is proving that Hellish Outcast is a driving force in the next generation of Norwegian metal music.  Hear – and especially SEE – for yourself exclusively HERE, courtesy of RadioMetal.com.

Hellist Outcast‘s second album to date, Stay of Execution was recorded in the legendary Grieghallen Studios in Bergen: a place where milestone Norwegian black metal recordings were produced, including albums of Enslaved, Emperor, Immortal, Burzum, and others. A new member on the team is the producer Russ Russell. Fighting his way through albums of Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir, and old-school thrashers Evile, to name just a few, it was no doubt he was the right man for the job. Thanks to Russell, Hellish Outcast can proudly compete with a sound of their own that is bigger and more elaborate. Music-wise, the arrangements tend to get a more progressive flavor while still retaining an absolute intensity. Guest appearances by Silje Wergeland from The Gathering and Bjørn Ognøy (Ognoise, Solstorm) colors this album with dimensions previously unknown to the world of thrash and death metal. The band is anxious to march forward, with what might become a shockingly fresh contribution to the scene.

In November of 2008, Hellish Outcast released the infamously titled Raping – Killing – Murder EP, which launched an attack on modern warfare, politics, and religious martyrdom. The local tabloids soon featured the band extensively. Hellish Outcast garnered both critical acclaim and had already received the reputation as one of the most extreme live outfits in the Bergen underground scene. In 2012, the band released their debut full-length, Your God Will Bleed. Giving the listener no time to breathe, the album cemented the band’s status as the underground’s raging pit bull you don’t want to tame, with flesh-tearing bites and bludgeoning eardrums across Europe; the sense of frustration on the verge of exploding was palpable this time around. In support of this release, the band played festivals such as Hole In The Sky, Inferno Metal Festival, Devilstone Open Air, and Bloodstock Open Air and toured with fellow countrymen in Blood Red Throne and Vithr – a diverse display of the finest in Norwegian metal music.

The bolstered lineup alone for Stay of Execution should prove the groove and hard-hitting, shredding epicness of this ghoulish four-piece consisting of Thebon (ex-Keep of Kalessin), Alkolust (ex-Byfrost, Max Morbid (ex-Breed) and Martin Legreid (66 Crusher). Cover and tracklisting are as follows:


Tracklisting for Hellish Outcast’s Stay of Execution

1) Partition Of Lust
2) I Can No Longer See The Sun
3) Heresiarch
4) Hunter Supreme
5) Gods Of Fear
6) Leave
7) Machines
8) Stay Of Execution
9) Morbid Attraction
10) Torment
11) The Wait

In other Hellish Outcast news, hear an exclusive stream of the Stay of Execution track “Heresiarch” HERE, courtesy of heavily trafficked web-portal NoCleanSinging.com.





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