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Gibson Reports Ritchie Blackmore May Be Ready to Rock Again


Could Ritchie Blackmore be gearing up for a return to the guitar style that made him a classic rock icon? According to ex-Rainbow singer Joe Lynn Turner, that’s a distinct possibility. “I know he’s got a trigger finger itchy to play some rock,” says Turner. “Then he can go back to Blackmore’s Night. He’s a different guy than he was, but at the same time he’s still Ritchie Blackmore…”

Blackmore disbanded Rainbow in 1997, four years after quitting Deep Purple. Since then he’s focused mainly on his progressive folk-rock outfit, Blackmore’s Night. During an appearance on the “Rockin’ Metal Revival” radio show, Turner revealed he’s been in talks with Blackmore about reviving Rainbow. “Truly, my best intention is for him,” says the singer. “He deserves to go out in a big blaze of glory like the rock guitar icon that he is. He deserves that respect—he’s one of the greats.”

Keep your eyes peeled to Gibson.com and Ritchie Blackmore’s official site.

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