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From Cast Members Of SNL Comes Sasq-Watch, A Film With Heart, Hope, Laughs, And Cannibalism

Saturday Night Live’s Paul Brittain and Tim Meadows round out an all star cast in a race to capture the ever, always, and continuously elusive Sasquatch. 

Screen Media Films have a gem on their hands with Sasq-Watch, a witty and at times acerbic mockumentary of two brothers, Nigel and Oscar, who’s lifelong dream is to find and capture a Sasquatch at all cost. Years of research and grant hounding finally sees them off on their first expedition, and along the way they put together a disinterested team that has either been blackmailed or paid upfront to help them achieve Big Foot Glory. Into the mountains they go looking for evidence with a psychotic ex-marine for a guide by the name of Sampson (played by Neil Flynn) and a dead friend’s sister,  Jamie (played by Christine Bently) who gets coerced into helping out with gear.

The team’s trust in Nigel and Oscar errodes as they prove to be completely inept at hunting the mythical critter while Sampson keeps everyone feeling uneasy with his random stories of his adventures in cannibalism and his personal agenda of killing the Sasquatch over a depantsing incident. You had to be there.

To make matters worse, Nigel’s former Sasquatch hunter-mentor-turned-mortal-enemy Claus (Tim Meadows) shows up wanting to also catch the beast in hopes of winning some sweet scratch from the crypto-zoology community to fund additional research. When all seems lost and everyone’s dreams of fame, money, and murdering Bigfoot seem to fall apart at the seams, a wild, random depantsing incident involving Sampson and something hairy happens again, and then all is right again in the world. Fade out, the end.

The movie is just fun. Great soundtrack, solid characters, and a fairly smooth storyline with only a handful of holes that don’t really detract from the movie certainly make it worth your time. Neil Flynn knocks it out of the park, though as Sampson. Creepy and weird, but completely different from his janitor character in Scrubs. I absolutely recommend this film for anyone who appreciates SNL humor that isn’t capitalizing on current storylines or popular sketch characters.

Image courtesy of Screen Media Films

Sasq-Watch starring Paul Brittian, Adam Herschman, Christine Gently, Neil Flynn

Directed by Drew Hall

Official Trailer can be seen here


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