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Fathers And Daughters – Gabriele Muccino’s Movie Of Life After Tragedy



With an all star cast and award winning director behind it, Fathers And Daughters is an incredible piece of work that takes you on a family’s journey through immense pain, tragedy, and finally hope. It stars Russell Crowe as Jack Davis, an award winning author who suffers from an emotional and physical break down after a car accident (of which was his fault)  takes the life of his wife, leaving Jack to deal with the guilt of the tragedy and the complications of raising their daughter Katie all on his own. Throughout the movie, Jack struggles to keep his home life and finances in order while handling interfering relatives and sporadic seizures that all threaten to rob him of his ability to care for Katie. Just when things begin to smooth out and their future finally looks brighter, Jack suffers an accident during a severe seizure that takes his life, leaving his 9 year old daughter to be raised by family. Flash forward 27 years.

Amanda Seyfried stars as Katie in her early adults years, trying to finish college, work as a counselor with troubled children, and deal with her unhealthy life choices that stem from losing her parents. In the middle of all this, she meets Cameron, a writer who is a huge fan of her father’s work, and the two begin a relationship that sees a lot of ups and downs as Katie finally comes to terms with her inability to fully love someone. Yes, you will cry, and that’s a good thing.

Fathers And Daughters is a complex and dynamic movie with deeply human characters who find themselves in extremely painful and extraordinary situations seemingly without end, yet manage to find the will to keep moving forward in life. It will certainly resonate with anyone who has struggled with personal loss or suffered setbacks in life.

Trailer for Fathers And Daughters can be seen here

Starring Russell Crowe, Amanda Seyfried, Aaron Paul

Directed by Gabriele Muccino, Written by Brad Desch

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