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ELDEROTH Releases Second Album


Elderoth has released its new album “Mystic” which features a unique blend of oriental instruments from East Asia intertwined in a combination of modern North American and European styles of Metal. It is a must-hear album in which each track flows across to the next and creates a dynamic new taste that no other band has ever produced.


With intense guitar licks, complex keyboard arrangements and powerful rhythms, Elderoth delivers a challenging new Metal sound that is catching the attention of Metal aficionados, guitarists and professional musicians around the world as the pinnacle of musicianship, composition and technical ingenuity.

About Elderoth:

Elderoth is a Montreal, Canadian-based Heavy Metal band. The music is unique, heavy and highly technical at every level. Elderoth now places itself amongst the best in the world for this genre of music. Elderoth’s music is available for free download off their website:  http://elderoth.com.





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