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Dysonics Releases RAPPR, a Revolutionary 3D Audio Environment for Mac OS X


Headphone audio pioneer Dysonics today released RAPPR, an immersive 3D audio environment for headphones.

RAPPR captures the experience of listening to premium speakers in the sweet spot of a room, and delivers that experience to your existing headphones. The result is the cleanest, richest, and most realistic headphone audio possible.

Available for Mac OS X, RAPPR works with all headphones to seamlessly produce exceptional audio for everything you listen to: Spotify, Netflix, iTunes, Hulu, etc.

“Headphones are now the most widely used form listening to media, and yet the core headphone listening experience has changed very little over the years. RAPPR represents a big shift by taking traditional 2-channel headphone audio and really opening it up, making for a much more lifelike and full listening experience,” said Dysonics CTO Robert Dalton.


RAPPR’s simple and intuitive interface lets you:

  • Toggle between thoughtfully crafted and tested presets to create the best headphone listening experience for all types of content. The 3 main modes are:
    • Music: Takes traditional, flat stereo and outputs spatialized stereo
    • Movie: Takes traditional, flat stereo and outputs spatialized 3-channel
    • Surround: Takes traditional stereo & native 5.1 and outputs spatialized 5.1 surround
  • Customize your sound environment. RAPPR’s adjustable sound ring lets you modify the distance between you and your virtual speaker setup, creating endless spatial audio configurations.
  • Experience audiorealism like never before. RAPPR pairs with the RondoMotion sensor, the world’s first wireless motion sensor for headphones. Hearing sound change relative to your head movement (just like it does in a real space) results in a groundbreaking, fully immersive audio experience that ‘puts you there.’
  • Up-mix all songs, movies, and games to 5.1 surround in real-time. RAPPR also lets you listen to native 5.1 content over headphones with amazing clarity.
  • Listen longer. By recreating the natural effect of sound waves in a real room, RAPPR dramatically decreases listener fatigue caused by standard headphone audio.

Hearing is believing. Put on your headphones and head over to www.dysonics.com/rappr. From there, you can check out the RAPPR trailer, demos, and download a free trial. Welcome to the next generation of audio.

In other news, Dysonics’ RondoMotion is being used for the immersive audio section of Björk at New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), March 8, 2015 – June 7, 2015.

About Dysonics

As headphones are now the most widely used form of listening to media, the Dysonics mission is to transform the headphone listening experience by making it more lifelike and immersive. For over 15 years, the core Dysonics team has pursued academic research in human audio perception and spatial sound capture/reproduction, culminating in a number of patented technologies. In 2012, Dysonics emerged from the UC Davis technology incubator (ETTC) to bring-to-market a revolution in spatial audio & motion-tracking for headphones. http://www.dysonics.com

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