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DTS Provides Top Retailers With Multi Channel HD Surround Sound


DTS, Inc. (Nasdaq: DTSI), a leader in high-definition audio solutions, will provide DTS-HD multi-channel surround sound to the digital entertainment services promoted by Best Buy in the U.S., Best Buy Canada, and Dixons and Sainsbury’s retailers in the U.K.

The retailers’ services are branded as CinemaNow (Best Buy and Dixons), and Sainsbury’s Entertainment. Both services offer content to buy or rent, download or stream, on a range of devices, including connected TVs, game consoles, tablets and smartphones.

“People are increasingly using streaming services such as CinemaNow and Sainsbury’s Entertainment to view their favorite movies and TV shows in and out of the home,” said Geir Skaaden, senior vice president, corporate business development, digital content and media solutions at DTS, Inc. “No matter where the content is consumed, DTS-HD delivers premium, multi-channel audio that enhances the entire experience.”

The CinemaNow library features approximately 35,000 feature-length films, short films, concerts, and television shows available to subscribers.

Sainsbury’s Entertainment provides subscribers in the U.K. access to thousands of movies and television shows. In addition to video, the service features the latest music and ability to pre-order upcoming releases.

For more information about DTS, please visit www.dts.com, or connect with DTS on Facebook and Twitter (@DTS_Inc).


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