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Drum Guru: NOW FOR ANDROID! Plus New Lesson Packs


The Number 1 Drum App in the World – now Available for Android!

Drum Guru on the Galaxy S4

We are excited to announce that our award-winning drum lesson app is now available for Android devices!

Featuring the same great features, drummers & lessons as our iPhone & iPad app, our new Android app is available now for download from the Google Play Store

The app, a free download, currently supports phone devices running Android 4.0.



Donny Gruendler: Fundamental Fills 1

In this lesson pack from Electro-Acoustic Hybrid Master Donny Gruendler, we give you the tools to create a catalog of solid, musical, and useful fills that will work in various styles. These fill concepts will allow you to create parts that work in a musical context and/or in a recording studio, whether playing with or without loops.

The final two lessons in this pack take some of the fill concepts and convert them into tom-based grooves that work especially well while playing along with a loop or drum machine on a track.

Includes 10 Lessons – Just $4.99!

Donny Gruendler is Vice President of Curricular Development at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California, and he is the author of Playing With Drum Loops, Seeing Sounds and Private Lessons (all available from Hudson Digital). Donny is also a member of the Modern Drummer Education Team and a frequent columnist for the magazine.

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