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DESOLATION: First info about the upcoming album


DESOLATION are back! The band from Hannover which has released their last album “Under Pitch-Black Skies” in 2006 has recently signed a contract with Rebellion Records Germany. The label will take care of the release of the new album. The fourth full-length record ist called “Desoriented” and will be available on September 20th 2013. You can expect typical DESOLATION-trademarks: A versatile sound experience that cannot easily be pigeonholed and convinces with a healthy mixture of harshness and melody.



1. Home Is Where the Heart Is
2. Dorothy
3. Desoriented
4. On Bloodshed
5. L’auberge d’ésolation
6. The Sainthood of the Fallen
7. Ave Maria
8. Contagion
9. Agnus Dei
10. Ich hasse ein bisschen die Welt
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