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Den Is Now- Another Knock Out Release From Rice Is Nice Records


Den in it’s natural habitat…image via Rice Is Nice Records

Tragically hip by in the best way possible, Den’s self titled EP via Rice Is Nice Records is a romp through the sublime. The album as a whole is an intriguing mix of seventies styled mod rock guitar and punk vocal work punctuated by hints of keyboard solos and solid yet simple drum work that all comes together to form perfectly controlled chaos. Modern in its approach but old school in it’s sound, this EP truly shows what thinking and working outside the box (or saying fuck it to there even being a box) can produce.  It’s a nice balance of grungy electronic sound, fuck-the-man lyrics, and driving rhythm work that holds true to it’s own sound. Another fantastic release out of Rice Is Nice!

Release date November 11th

Video for Poltergist, the album’s first release, can be see here:



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