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DEMONCY Set Release Date For Reissue Of ‘Joined In Darkness’


At long last, Forever Plagued Records is proud to reissue one of the most evil and uncompromising USBM albums ever written: Demoncy‘s classic Joined in Darkness, set for international release on February 9th, 2015. Originally released in 1999, back when only the truest diehards kept the cult alive, Demoncy‘s Joined in Darkness portrayed a severe and diabolical vision of black metal, one possessed of ritualistic pulse, bulldozing tones, and whispers from beyond. It was the single-minded vision of band founder Ixithra, and in solitude and darkness did the man create a soundscape like no other. Fortunately, many bore witness to this creation and the album was soon hailed as a BM classic, its influence spreading into the next decade and inspiring a new, younger legion of occult devotees. Now pressed in a special digipak design with artwork by underground legend Chris Moyen, hear Demoncy‘s Joined in Darkness as it was always intended. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:


Tracklisting for Demoncy’s Joined in Darkness
1. Hymn To The Ancients
2. Impure Blessings (Dark Angel Of The Four Wings)
3. Demoncy
4. Joined In Darkness
5. Winter Bliss
6. Hypocrisy Of The Accursed Heavens
7. Spawn Of The Ancient Summoning
8. Hidden Path To The Forest Beyond
9. (Angel Of Dark Shadows) Goddess Of the Dark
10. The Dawn Of Eternal Damnation
11. Embraced By The Shadows
12. The Ode To Eternal Darkness



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