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Cyber Force #6 – Rating 5/5

Cyber Force #6 cover ACreator, Writer, Character Designer and Art Director: Marc Silvestri
Artist: Marco Turini
Colorist: Arif Prianto & Andy Troy
Letterer: Troy Peteri
Editor: Bryan Rountree, Betsy Gonia and Matt Hawkins
Publisher: Top Cow Productions

On Sale: September 18, 2013
Price: $2.99
Format: FC
Pages: 32


Velocity and Ripclaw have been left hurting since their last confrontation with CDI. To eradicate the rogue Cyber Force faction once and for all, an even more dangerous and uncontrollable threat has been activated.

Whenever the art team on a book I am enjoying changes, I confess I get a little nervous.  Fortunately Top Cow doesn’t tend to get me nervous on a regular basis but this one had me antsy. Why? Cyber Force volume 1 was the series that truly hooked me on comics. That makes these characters special to me. I was excited and nervous when they announced last summer they were relaunching this series for that same reason.  Would they be able to do it justice so many years later? Is it the same book as before?  No, and that is a good thing. Are the characters well developed? Yes!  Has Marc Silvestri made me laugh, gasp even shed a tear or two? Yes, yes and yes.  Guess that means they have been able to do the story justice.

Oops got a little sidetracked there, sorry about that so where was I?  Oh yes… changing the art team.  Sometimes it happens, they just have to bring on a different team because of one thing or another. And that’s just what happened here. [was that vague enough?] Fortunately Top Cow was able to bring in Marco Turini to take over the art duties for Cyber Force. Turini’s art quickly sets the tone for issue 6 with the flash back to Operation Desert Storm, 1991. Only time will tell how his art fits other parts of the tale, but issue 6 has me thinking I just found another artist whose work I will enjoy.

As to why we have a flashback to that time and place, by now you should know what my answer to that will be… you will just have to read the book to find out.  I will say this though, this is one of the things I feel that Silvestri is doing a great job of this time around. Giving the reader more of the back story of these characters. Building depth to them, providing the reader a better understanding of why they are who they are and do the things they do.

It’s interesting that in an issue that jumps through several points in time to tell this story, it is not jarring.  It fits. And it does just what it needs to do, tells enough backstory while moving the current events forward and having them make much more sense for having jumped through the points in time it did.  (Wow that was hard to say without telling you what is happening.)

This issue had me gasping at events in a character’s backstory, laughing at a random comment when it was least expected, and then gasping at … oops that would be a spoiler.  Read it yourself and see if you can figure out which items made me gasp and which made me laugh and have to wipe the water off my monitor.  (You would think I would have learned not to drink even water while reading one of these issues)

There is so much more I would love to tell you about this issue, but I am afraid if I did I would give away to much and that would just be wrong. I can say that as soon as I was done I had to send Silvestri a tweet which if I recall was to the effect of:

Just read #6 and it’s going to be hard to keep quiet til next week. All I can say is DAMNNN! {cut for spoiler} This issue ROCKS!

So please pick up Cyber Force 6 and see for yourself why I love this book so much.

Not caught up on Cyber Force? You can read issues 1-5 for free. And to make it even easier here are links so you can download them free of cost from Top Cow:

I do have one request for Turini, Silvestri will probably laugh when he reads this: Please! Please! Please do not make my favorite character ugly… if you need a hint who that is, he features prominently on the cover of issue 7 that Silvestri is working on.  Much appreciated!

Final Score for story and art 5/5 – This book belongs on your Must Read list!

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Reprinted with permission from MetalLifeEva.com

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