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CUFF Premieres New Track


Picture a cloudy landscape, where thousands of skinned human carcasses lie underneath carnivorous trees, whose roots dig into their flesh and appear to feed from them. These are the images that come to ones mind when listening to this masterpiece of Brutal Death Metal. Canada`s CUFF are set to release their new album Transient Suffering Through the Ergosphere (Gore House Productions) on November 18th. This being their 8th Full Length release and best to date.

“The music reflects a more chaotic and experimental sound than the ‘Forced’ album”, states vocalist Bob Shaw. “With a much better production quality and instrument arrangements than CUFF has ever offered before, Transient Suffering is surely Cuffs heaviest album yet”

Check out their brand new audio premiere for the track “Spastic Craniotomy” courtesy of DeathMetal.org HERE. Then pre-order the album at Gore House Productions.





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